Puppy Sitting in Stevenage and Great Ashby

Naughty Paws offers a puppy sitting service for Stevenage, Great Ashby and surrounding areas. This service is aimed at young dogs and puppies who are too young to join us on lengthy walks. Naughty Paws puppy sitting is ideal for the puppys that are not yet vaccinated and those only able to go for short walks. We’ll feed them, cuddle them and take your puppy in the garden for some playtime. If they’re allowed we can get them used to the lead by taking them on a short puppy walk.

Puppy Socialisation

It’s so important to socialise your puppy from a young age. This applies to humans and other dogs. Our highly experienced team will spend time with your puppy, playing and training them to ensure they grow into a well balanced and friendly dog. We believe in love and reward based training and have seen time and time again how this approach results in a beautiful family dog who can be a trusted member of your family.


Our puppy sitting service starts from just £6.00 but prices may vary based on location and requirements. All our sitters are experienced in handling young dogs and will make your puppy feel special on every visit. We can visit your puppy while you work or when you’re away for the day. Puppy visits are a great way for your dog to meet and bond with its future dog walker, also helping you to get a feel for the Naughty Paws way. A way that will fill you with the confidence you need when you appoint your puppy’s dog walker. Feel free to call or email to discuss options for our puppy sitting service in Stevenage or Great Ashby. In future we also plan to open a doggy day care centre. You’ll see updates on this website when we make progress on premises.