T&C's for our Field

We want everyone to enjoy the Naughty Paws field and it to be a great place for humans and dogs alike.

Every person who uses our field on their own, or as part of a group, needs to read and accept the T&C’s before being allowed access.

Please carefully read all the details below and then complete the digital signing form at the bottom so we can retain a record on file.

You will also receive an email copy. If you do not receive the email please check spam first. Then, if would like a copy and haven’t received it, please email us and we will forward one to you.

Naughty Paws T&C’s for field use. V210402-01 updated 22-04


General T&Cs

Our field is located in a rural location and may, at times, be surrounded by farm vehicles, animals or livestock. You should assess the area and your dog(s) suitability in this environment before use.

Our field is fully fenced but upon entry it is your responsibility to inspect the field and ensure that you are happy with the height and security of the fences and gates. Many breeds can jump extreme heights. If you have any concerns about your dog(s) escaping the field we advise you not to let your dog off lead. All liability for dogs who escape our field will remain with the booker and in no way will Naughty Paws, it’ staff, managers, directors, volunteers, or the land owners be liable.

There are 3 gates for entry. The first gate (gate 1 or 3) is locked with a code lock and chain. Gate 1 is the main gate for access from the road. It is wide enough for vehicle access when the ground is dry. Gate two is also a wide metal gate, inside of the fences, and gate 3 is a wooden outer foot gate for use only when gate 1 is unusable. Upon booking the code will be sent to you in order to gain access to gates 1 or 3. You must not share this code with anyone. Codes will be regularly changed and re-sent to you if you have a future booking. The first gate (1 or 3) should be unlocked on entry and locked on departure with the padlock and chain. Please note the loss of the chain or lock will incur a fee of £60 for replacement so we suggest you lock the chain around the gate while using the field. The second gate (gate 2) is inside, separating the parking area and main field. This gate must always remain closed except when in use.

Once open, you may drive through gate 1 onto the fields parking area. You should then close it before allowing your dogs out of your vehicle and taking them through gate 2 into the main field. Do not remove your dogs from the vehicle if another user is in the field or reloading the dogs into their vehicle. The only exception to this is for socialisation or training attendance. Please close gate two securely whilst using the field.

All vehicles parked on the property are left entirely at their owners risk. No responsibility for damage or accidents will be accepted by Naughty Paws or the land owners. You must take care while parking on our field, especially in times of bad weather. Additional parking is available in front of our fence, roadside. Please do not park in the entrance track, by the ford bridge or obstruct the public highway in any way.

As we are close to a natural Ford, on rare occasions access to the road gate can be limited. You may still use the field but should park safely outside and enter via the opposite gate. Please observe all necessary safety precautions as you would around a river in this instance.

Our field and fences are inspected regularly and maintained safely to the best of our ability. Any breakages or damage to the field and fences caused by your party will need to be paid for by the booker must be reported immediately to Naughty Paws. If you discover any gaps in fences or damage during your field use, not caused by your party, please report it to Naughty Paws as soon as possible.

Dogs using our field must be fully up-to-date with recommended inoculations and associated boosters.

All dogs must be covered under their own third party insurance (public liability insurance). This is usually included in your pet insurance.

Only dogs that know, and socialise well with, each other are allowed on the field at the same time, unless training or socialisation is being hosted by Naughty Paws. All owners use the field at their own risk and are asked to keep a close eye on their dogs.

Our field has no mains supplies so please ensure you bring your own water.

Any dog waste (poop) must be collected, as would be the case in public space. Please ensure you have poop bags and dispose of your dog’s mess in a suitable bin off site or take it home.

Litter must also be removed and disposed of in appropriate bins off site or taken home.

Please be aware that a public footpath runs close to the outside fence closest to the river/ford. Be respectful of members of the public who may be using this pathway and/or their dogs.

Each booking is for a maximum of 3 dogs from the same household. Additional dogs &/or household can be added for a fee of £1 extra per additional dog and you must arrive in no more than two vehicles. This must be pre approved by our team. You can book as normal but you should contact us to approve this either before hand or as soon as you book. If you do not we reserve the right to cancel your booking without notice. These rules are to comply with our agreement with the local council and ensure we do not impact negatively on the local roads &/or parking.

Timeslots are 50 minutes from the start time. This allows change over time between bookings to ensure the space is empty for each client. Please arrive no earlier than 5 mins before your allotted time. If you arrive late, you must still be clear of the site at your agreed end time and the full payment will still be due.

If your dog has been ill within the previous 48hrs, please do not attend and contact Naughty Paws to reschedule your appointment. Please let us know if your dog is poorly whilst using the field or shows signs once you return home.

Children are welcome on site but must be accompanied, and supervised, by a responsible adult at all times. They should not climb on or play in the doggy exercise equipment.

Our field is relatively flat but it is a natural area of land. It may be uneven in parts, slippery, have trip hazards or contain animal burrows. Please take care, our field is used entirely at your own risk.

Ensure you wear appropriate footwear.

Do not climb on the fence or gates or apparatus or allow children to play in the sandpit.

Do not allow your dogs to dig in the field.

Never leave dogs unattended in your vehicle whilst using the field. This can be dangerous in any weather but especially so in summer months.

Please ensure your dogs are under control and/or tethered on a lead in the public areas around our field so as not to cause nuisance to members of the public.

Our field is not available for let for any business purpose without prior written agreement. This includes professional dog walkers, self employed dog walkers, dog trainers and any other commercial use. Any misuse of this policy will result in an additional usage fee of £100 per booking and the booking party will be banned from all further bookings. Legal action will be taken to recover the additional fee, if needed, with any associated costs passed on to the booker.

Naughty Paws reserves the right to evict individuals and their animals/property from the field for any behaviour that is deemed unreasonable or conflicts with the safe use of our field and/or these T&C’s.

Bookings – are non-transferable. The person making the booking must be present and must ensure that anyone else attending has read this page and completed the agreed to the T&C’s. No subletting of the field is allowed.

Booking Arrangements– All use must be pre booked and paid for in advance. Bookings are made online on the Paddock page of this website.  Your booking invitation will be updated with the gate code once confirmed. Some phones do not receive these updates so you can contact us on the Paddock mobile 07769 016732 if needed.

Payment – All bookings must be prepaid with funds cleared prior to arrival.

Cancellation Policy – If the user arrives late, the booking time cannot be extended. Refunds can only be given for cancelled bookings, given in writing, with a minimum of 7 days notice. This refund option will be forfeited if the booking has previously be rescheduled. If less than 7 days please look at the reschedule options below.

Weather Cancellations – Late weather related cancellations will not be permitted as the slot cannot be resold to another client at short notice. Exception will only be made if it’s deemed dangerous to access the field via the main gate and the smaller foot access gate. In which case an alternative date may be offered.

Rescheduling- 24hrs notice is required to ensure we can re-sell the slot. If less than 24 hrs, full payment will be due and we’d ask you to use the cancellation option. If you reschedule on the day, we reserve the right to cancel the new booking session without refund. You may reschedule a session up to 3 times after which we’d respectfully ask that you cancel and forfeit the booking fee. 

Data – We will only retain your data as needed in order to maintain records of your bookings with us and in line with our privacy policies. The information is not used for any other purpose or shared to any other parties except in any circumstances where a request is presented for this information in relationship to law enforcement or insurance claims.

Liability – You agree to indemnify Naughty Paws, it’s staff, managers, directors, volunteers, and the land owners against any claim for damage or injury sustained to property, individuals, or animals whilst using our field, access tracks or parking areas.

Release- I hereby release and remise and forever discharge from any claims and liabilities whatsoever without limitations that I might have against Naughty Paws, it’s staff, managers, directors, volunteers, and the owners of the property on which the activity is taking place, and any other participants in the activity who might injure me, my property or my pet(s) however arising, and I make this release on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, assigns and administrators. I confirm and agree that Naughty Paws retains ownership of all imagery recorded on/off our site and that said imagery may be used for promotional purposes by them.