Dog Walking Field

Our Dog Walking Field is close to Stevenage and available to hire!

Fully Fenced Dog Walking Field

We know it can be an anxious time letting your puppy off lead or exercising a dog that doesn’t like to recall. At Naughty Paws we have access to a fully enclosed Dog walking field situated on private land just on the outskirts of Stevenage. Covering an Acre of land, this paddock sized area is perfect for exercising your dog whilst minimising the chance of them running off.

Our field’s perimeter is fully fenced to a height of 4ft. From the road we have a double gated entrance. This means you can pull you car off the road and close gate 1 before letting your dog out of the car. Once inside the main field, close the second gate and you can relax knowing your dog is unlikely to escape.

Suitable for both large and small breeds. We’ve tested the fence with our resident Irish Wolfhound and Pomeranian to ensure it’s secure.

*We’ve made our best efforts to ensure our field is fully fenced. Please bear in mind that if you dog is a jumper, or experienced escape artist, they could clear any height or find a exit- even in a brick wall! We cannot guarantee the field is completely escape proof.

Dog Walking Field Hire

If you are looking to hire our secure dog walking field close to Stevenage, Hertfordshire, then please get in touch. We have some limited availability and the field is available in 50 minutes slots. 

Attending our field? 

Prior to attending you must read and sign field use T&C’s by clicking here.


Dog Walking Field
Dog Exercise Field

Our fully enclosed exercise field is ideal for all sizes of dog. Fully fenced to 4ft high, with double gated entrance,  the Naughty Paws paddock is the perfect space to exercise your puppy or dog. 

Dog walking field Stevenage

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