Dog Walking Field

Naughty Paws Play Paddock is close to Stevenage and available to hire!

Fully Fenced Dog Walking Field

We know it can be an anxious time letting your puppy off lead or exercising a dog that doesn’t like to recall. At Naughty Paws we have a fully enclosed Dog walking field available for exclusive hire. Our ‘Dog Exercise Park’ is situated on private land just on the outskirts of Stevenage at Aston. Covering an Acre of land, this paddock sized area is perfect for exercising your dog whilst minimising the chance of them running off.

You’ll be able to see your dog throughout the entire space while they have ample room to run around. The Naughty Paws Play Paddock is great for doggy play and to burn off that excess doggy energy.

Dog equipment in the Naughty Paws Paddock

There is a 2.4m sandpit, use of agility tunnel, and correct spec agility A-Frame. We also try and keep weave poles, a training gate, balls and other equipment available to keep your dog enticed during their time at the field. If you bring your children please ensure they do not play with or climb the equipment. It is designed for dogs and may not be child safe.

Is the Dog field Fenced? 

Our field’s perimeter is fully fenced to a height of 4ft. From the road we have a double gated entrance. This means you can pull you car off the road and close gate 1 before letting your dog out of the car. Once inside the main field, close the second gate and you can relax knowing your dog is unlikely to escape.

Suitable for both large and small breeds. We’ve tested the fence with our resident Irish Wolfhound and Pomeranian to ensure it’s secure.

*We’ve made our best efforts to ensure our field is fully fenced. Please bear in mind that if you dog is a jumper, or experienced escape artist, they could clear any height or find a exit- even in a brick wall! We cannot guarantee the field is completely escape proof so please make sure you are happy with the space before letting your 4 legged friend run free.

Dog Walking Field Hire

Our beautiful dog walking field is available to hire, by private individuals, to exercise their dogs in a secure and tranquil environment. Each booking costs £10 and is for 50 minutes. This covers up to 3 dogs from the same household with timeslots starting on the hour. 50 mins allows a safe change over time between bookers. Please be mindful of Covid and ensure you sanitise your hands before and after using gates/locks etc.

What if I have extra dogs?

Up to 3 dogs from the same household are included for the £10 fee. Above this, it’s £1 extra for each additional dog and you must arrive in no more than two vehicles. You can book on the buttons below, as normal, but you should contact us to approve this either before hand or as soon as you book if we’ve not previously approved you. If you do not contact us for approval we reserve the right to cancel your booking without notice. These rules are to comply with our agreement with the local council and ensure we do not impact negatively on the local roads &/or parking. This area has been set up for the exercise of your dogs not as an area for multiple ‘human’ households to meet.

With more dogs comes more mess so please keep your eyes peeled and clean up after your four legged friends 🙂

Choose the correct number of dogs and book below. There is also payment link in your invitation to pay any additional fees if you need to add dogs after booking. 

How do I book the Naughty Paws Play Paddock?

Please note immediate payment will be due upon booking. Please have a card ready.

We are now using an online system for booking and availability using the calendar you can see below by pressing the correct booking button. Please feel free to check availability and book. Bookings are on a first come basis. We will manually double check all bookings and get in contact in the unlikely event there is a conflict. Otherwise, you are good to go. Online is the easiest way to book and always shows the latest availability. If you struggle to use online you can give us a call, 07769 016732, or message through our facebook page. However, please bear in mind, we see the same availability and booking screens as you see below. If a day is full, with no availability showing below, I’m afraid that will be the case. 

Will I receive a confirmation: Yes- you will immediately receive an email confirmation (may be titled Google Calendar Invite) from the system. This often also drops an invitation into your calendar for the email you used. Please check Spam if you cannot see it and search Naughty Paws- remember to look for google calendar invite. This confirmation is where we update the gate code no later than a few hours before your session.

Costs, Paying, and access details.

The field costs £10 to hire for each 50 minute booking for up to 3 dogs. Additional dogs must be approved and cost £1 per dog.

After booking through the automated system, you will be redirected to a page explaining the next steps and where to access the gate code. Please ensure you read this carefully. Your gate code and access details will be updated no later than a few hours before your session.

If you are looking to hire our secure dog walking field close to Stevenage, Hertfordshire, then please use the calendar booking system below or get in touch. The field is available in 50 minutes slots starting at just £10 for up to three dogs from one household.

Attending our Dog field? 

The Play Paddock is only available for walking & training dogs and not for any other use. Prior to attending you must read and sign field use T&C’s by clicking here. We recommend doing this before booking but can also be completed afterwards, within 24hrs, as long as this is prior to your session time.

Please do not phone the normal NP numbers with field enquiries.

The Play Paddock has it’s own mobile number 07769 016732

You can also email us  and we’ll respond as soon as possible. 

Last Minute Availability

This booking system allows you to book from 3 month to 60 minutes before the allotted time and always shows the latest availability. Any cancellations will be available here immediately. Please note we see the same availability as you do below. If a day is fully booked, with no availability, the blue dot will disappear and you’ll need to choose another date.   


Dog Walking Field
Secure dog walking Stevenage
Dog Exercise Field

Our fully enclosed exercise field is ideal for all sizes of dog. Fully fenced to 4ft high, with double gated entrance, sand pit and things for dogs to climb/jump on, the Naughty Paws Paddock is the perfect space to exercise your puppy or dog.

Dog walking field Stevenage
Puppy play time Stevenage