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Puppy & Dog Training

Welcome to Naughty Paws Puppy or Dog Training in Stevenage.

When looking for Puppy or Dog training it is essential to check the credentials of your trainer before hand. With the industry being unregulated, there are many trainers out there claiming to be qualified behaviourists. Many of these do not hold a recognised qualification and could cause more damage to your dogs mental health than good.

Reward based training is now understood to bring the most benefit to your dog. It helps ensure you’ll have a loyal and well behaved best friend for life as well as a happy complete pet. ‘Pack mentality’ & ‘Dominance’ based training has been proven to have a negative affect on dogs. With this in mind we recommend looking for an experienced ‘reward based’ trainer for your beloved four legged friend.

Puppy & Dog training with Naughty Paws & Positively Pawesome!

Having spent years looking for trainers we’d trust our own dogs with, Naughty Paws are pleased to say that we are now collaborating and have partnered with local dog training company Positively Pawesome.

They offer a range of Puppy & Dog training classes for dogs of all ages. Whether it’s a new puppy, an older dog with no training, or an experienced and highly trained dog, they have you covered.

Multiple types of training are on offer. You & your dog can get involved with obedience and puppy courses, agility classes, and event scent detection dog training! There is so much on offer to keep you both occupied.

Dog Behaviourist & Behaviour Consultation

Positively Pawesome are not just great dog trainers, they are also a team of highly qualified behaviourists. Having worked with dogs struggling with all kinds of issues they’ve delivered amazing results for dogs and their owners. Over the years they’ve helped with reactivity issues, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and much more! Whatever the training need for your dog you’ll be in safe hands.

Training Dog Walks

Struggling for time to give your dog the training he or she needs? Or are there some tougher issues which need addressing and you need support for? Training walks could be a great option for you!

Positively Pawesome will collect, walk, train, and drop back your dog.
This means your dog experiences a walk while being personally taught by an expert handler. Delivering massive benefits this type of expert training can help your animal overcome these issues and ensure your relationship with them improves significantly.

Getting in contact:

As a partner company we’d ask that you contact Jacob at Positively Pawesome direct and please tell them you came via Naughty Paws.

An initial phone consultation is free and you can book anything from 1-12 sessions with various discounts available.

To get free advice message Jacob on 07415309892

If you want to learn more about Positively Pawesome’s amazing Puppy & Dog training classes click here.


Our Secure Dog Walking Field

Don’t forget that your trainer can’t always be with you.  If you need somewhere safe to exercise your dog, or get them comfortable with recall, Naughty Paws has a secure dog exercise field, The Naughty Paws Play Paddock is available to hire, for exclusive private use, on the outskirts of Stevenage. You can find details here.

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