Dog Training

Welcome to Naughty Paws Dog Training in Stevenage.

Currently Naughty Paws are not offering Dog training in Stevenage. We’ll update this page in the future when spaces become available again. We can still offer puppy home visits or socialisation during the day whilst you are at work. 

If you are looking for a dog trainer please check references and qualifications. Many trainers and behaviourists have minimal or no qualifications and some use methods that could negatively affect the long term behaviour of your dog. Domination style training is not recommended by the majority of modern, successful, dog trainers. You should look for a reward based trainer who has evidence of their qualifications.

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All classes take place on a Monday evening and The Oval community centre. We pride ourselves on our classes being fantastic value for money while our dogs and people learn how to behave nicely. Our Dog training classes take place in Stevenage, at the Oval Community Centre, and focus on reward based training to ensure Puppies, Dogs and people have the best start.

Puppy class 6pm – 6.30pm

The main aim of our puppy class is to teach basic obedience and puppy socialisation.

We do not run a “set course” as experience has taught us that different dogs learn at different speeds and in different ways. Another thing we have learnt is that levels of success depends on how much time the owner puts into training whilst at home. If you invest in your dog, you will reap the rewards.

Our Stevenage Dog training classes will teach you the basics such as sit, down, stand, we also show you how to teach your puppy to leave things such as a piece of food or toy. Recall training formas the backbone of a well behaved dog and in our Dog trainig classes getting your dog to recall, to you, is one of the most important commands. When basic recall has be mastered, by you and your dog, we progress to recalls with distractions, E.g. toys in the path of your dog. Our lessons always end with some fun. We use the tunnel & football cones,to create reward based games and fun. This is the favourite bit for most of our Naught Paws puppies!

Junior Classes at 6.35pm, 7.10pm and 7.45pm

Our junior classes are for puppies that have passed their assessment or for older dogs that have already learnt the basics. By this stage we expect the dog to be able to wait/ stay (without their lead being held) for a short period.We use a lot of distractions during the recalls and stays in this class. We will also give be able to give advice and a variety of ways to recall you dog if you are struggling whilst out on walks. You will also be able to practice ‘door control’ during some sessions using a gate which ena

bles us to teach your dog to allow you to enter/exit through a door way first. We have a variety of agility equipment in this class such as tunnels, jumps, a see saw, and an A frame. We incorporate these into your training sessions.


Classes are paid for in blocks of 4 which costs £20, Please note if you are unable to attend a session it will still be payable. There is also an additional £10 joining fee which is to be paid at your first class.


There are currently no spaces available but we can offer puppy day care visits and socialisation.