Cat Sitting & Pet Sitting

Cat Sitting Service for Stevenage and Great Ashby

At Naughty Paws we offer a cat sitting & small animal care service for Stevenage and Great Ashby. If you are looking for holiday cat sitting, a Stevenage cattery, or cat feeding in Stevenage then look no further. We also look after small furries and have cared for Hamsters, Rats, Guinea pigs and even Hedgehogs! We’ll take care of your cat or small furry while you’re away and love them like our own.

Holiday Pet Sitting for small animals

Our holiday pet sitting service is ideal for cats, rabbits, reptiles and all small pets whilst their people are away. Using our cat & pet sitting service means you can leave your cat, reptile, or small furry in their own home while you travel. We can arrange regular visits to feed, water and cuddle your animal.  The service can be as simple as popping in once a day to feed and water your pets. In addition we can also offer:

  • Visit twice a day
  • Emptying of litter trays/changing litter
  • Wash food and water bowls and ensure they are refreshed
  • Give your pet some some quality playtime and cuddles
  • Clean out cages for small animals and replace bedding
  • We can also close/open curtains, turn lights on/off and collect post to give your home that added layer if security. If we find anything amiss we’ll be in touch.

Cat sitting prices

The cost of looking after your pet can be dependent on location and how much support you need. Our prices apply to cats and all small furries and start from just £6. If you let us know the service and frequency you need we can give you a bespoke price to look after your cat or animal whilst you’re away,

Feel free to get in touch and we can check availability and let you know the cost.

For peace of mind whilst you’re away! Contact Naughty Paws today!

*Please behave responsibly when booking our pet sitting service. Dogs, and some other animals, cannot be left alone for days on end with just a single daily visit. We will not accept a booking that we feel is not in the best welfare interest of your animal(s).